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October 2022

Bootsy, DJ Lux Interior, Leif Goldberg, '80s BMX, Arthur Magazine is 20 years old, more
Maya Deren, Joe Bussard, the Diggers and Phil Lesh, the latest best guitarist you may never have heard, and more

September 2022

Eye from Boredoms, Gary Snyder, R. Crumb, sleeping outdoors, Penda's Fen, and an anti-modest proposal

August 2022

John Hargrave, Funkadelic, Barbara "Willy" Mendes, Xavier Renegade Angel, more
The Diggers, the birth of the SF rock n roll scene, making Owsley acid (maybe), why Altamont went so wrong, and more

July 2022

Children of Men, singing frogs, mescaline woods, Watt Sauce and more

June 2022

Getting through The Greyness with Fernanda Melchor, James Flournoy Holmes, Kyle Field, Mayo Blusher Squash and more
RIP Peter Lamborn Wilson/Hakim Bey, prospects for USA civil war, D. Boon, more

May 2022

Willie, Sly Stone, Al Cisneros, Robin Williamson, the prophet Elijah, more

April 2022

Winking beans, Spring King Al Green, Liz Fraser and Steve Hackett, Adam Egypt Mortimer on RRR, Talk Talk, the greatest video ever made, more
ArthurFest film, Etran de L'air, New Mexican Stargazers, Thick Air, Sunday Funnies, Mati Klarwein, more